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Manuel Rego, who has participated in the implementation of CSS Grid Layout tells us how the implementation of CSS Grid Layout has been carried out, how it works and we analyze the different properties to learn this new way of creating webs.

We bring you a multitude of useful resources that we hope will be useful to you.

Welcome to the present of the web!

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Quick Questions: Manuel Rego
Who inspired me: Richard Stallman
Who has inspired me: Elika J. Etemad
Recommend us a resource: Grid by Example
Recommend us a resource: Rachel Andrew
Recommend us a resource: Jen Simmons
Recommend us a resource: ESCSS
Recommend us to a guest: Diego Fernandez
Recommend us a guest: Naiara Abaroa
Recommend us to a guest: Kseso
What topic would you like us to discuss ?: The topic of virtual reality on the web (WebVR)
What topic would you like us to cover ?: The future of CSS with the whole Houdini theme
What topic would you like us to discuss ?: Test the Web Forward
Contact: Manuel Rego
Manuel Rego’s Twitter
Manuel Rego’s Blog
Program links
CSS Working Group Repository
CSS Working Group Test Repository
Web Platform Tests
CSS Working Group Drafts
Alan Stearns – Becoming Responsible for CSS – CascadiaFest 2016
Recommendations from Nacho and Carmen
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Basic Concepts of Grid Layout
Getting Started CSS Grid
A Complete Guide to Grid
CSS Grid Terminology
CSS Grid Layout is here! (video)
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Grid Layout
CSS Grid Talk Examples
Rego’s Everyday Life
Learn CSS Grid

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