The Bootcamps

Today at WeCodeSign we continue to analyze the role of the University in the training of web designers and developers and we analyze one of its alternatives for the bravest: bootcamps.

We interview Gonzalo Manrique, co-founder of Ironhack, the reference programming bootcamp in our country.

In addition to all this, our “recommendations” for each program, the space for suggestions and useful resources for web designers and developers.

We started!

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Quick questions: Gonzalo Manrique
Who has inspired me: Alejandro Artacho
Essential: Wharton
What to Treat: Successful Entrepreneurs Making Their Case
What to treat: Talent, how it is trained and strengthened
Who to interview: Jorge Poyatos
Contact Gonzalo Manrique
Angel List: Ironhack
Twitter: Gonzalo Manrique
Recommendations from Nacho and Gabi
Classrooms W3 Dev Campus

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